About Us

Connected to Creativity...

A rare gem found in the heart of the E20 we at 𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟 are dedicated to connecting the most creative with our trendy patrons.

Bringing together Industry Creators, Artists, Influencers and Consumers to share the latest advancements in natural skincare, beautiful homewares and crafts, tasty treats and so much more.

Our gorgeous locations boast an electric atmosphere and we invite you to discover your treasure within a treasure. 

𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟 was formed by a collective of producers in the UK out of a love for all things creative and a need to provide a platform for the jewels of the world. Our aim is to bring together our communities in appreciation of inspiring originality, health, beauty and innovation. 

Our Reviews

We love to receive reviews from our customers, traders and investors and are happy to say that the majority of the feedback that we receive is positive. Our customers often mention how great the 𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟 service is- highlighting the great range in products and fantastic customer service. We strive for excellence, producing a bright and inviting atmosphere and are always happy to assist. Our patrons are the heart of our business and we are always keen to improve, so if you think you know a way we can better the 𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟 service please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to hear from you.

Innovation is Growth and Growth= Success

Trade with 𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟

If you are interested in trading with 𝒱ℰ𝒩𝒟 as an aspiring or experienced trader wanting to share your products, please email or contact us (details below)

E20 is an amazing central location with a diverse community. We welcome customers across the UK and our current location which is a stone throw away from Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre is a prime urban location with plenty of patron traffic. Our traders are carefully selected to avoid duplication and our team is experienced in vending- we are happy to cater to your needs and have a wealth of knowledge in the retail trade.

Areas Covered